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About From The Remnants
From The Remnants is a social/family guild looking for more members to expand and grow. We do a little bit of everything, from current raiding through to older expansion raids (Wrath and Cata achievement runs).

We have a casual raiding team that raids current normal mode one to two nights a week usually starting at 7pm and ending between 9 and 10pm. We realize that everyone has a real life outside of WoW, as such our raid days tend to be based on the guild's availability each week, more often than not, there is an event during the week, and one on the weekend. It is a non-serious raiding environment, fun is the first priority.

We are a fairly laid back guild, if you want to raid, come raid, if not, we will not pressure you to come. Simply play and enjoy the game at your own pace. Any levels or classes are more than welcome

Introduce yourself and see the other members!
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